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About Indian Hills

Dr. Shane Christensen

Dr. Shane Christensen

Hello and welcome to Indian Hills! I'm Dr. Shane Christensen, the principal, and I'm joined by Mr. Sinram, the associate principal and activities director. We're excited to share important information.

Middle school is a big time for students—lots of changes physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Our goal at Indian Hills is to create a friendly, caring environment where students feel safe to explore all the opportunities available to them. We want everyone to get involved in school activities!

Communication is super important. Don't hesitate to reach out to administrators, counselors, secretaries, or teachers if you have questions or need support. Stay updated on what's happening at Indian Hills by bookmarking our website, follow us on Facebook [] and Twitter [@IndianHillsJH]. You can also join our parent/guardian-teacher organization, CPI (Committee for Parent Involvement). We're here to partner with families for a great school experience!

Indian Hills Contact Information

ADDRESS: 9401 Indian Hills Drive, Clive, IA 50325-6321
PHONE: 515-633-4700 
FAX: 515-633-4799

PRINCIPAL: Dr. Shane Christensen
COUNSELORS: Lindsey CunninghamJoe Rich
NURSE: Mary MacAlpine
SECRETARIESLorie CarterNathaly Paz

School Times

HOURS: 7:35 a.m.-2:35 p.m.
COLLABORATION SCHEDULE: Wednesdays 7:35 a.m.-1:50 p.m.

Indian Hills History

Indian Hills Junior High opened its doors on Nov. 22, 1977, and was officially dedicated on Sunday, April 16, 1978.

The school building has an interesting history. A labor strike delayed the opening, so a group of parents helped move equipment and supplies. The move took place on Nov. 20, with students and parents using various vehicles. Everyone pitched in, and by 6 p.m., everything was in the new building. The school, located in Clive, Iowa, serves students from Clive, West Des Moines, Windsor Heights, and Urbandale.

Originally, Indian Hills had classrooms, an auditorium, a gym, and more. In 1993, additional classrooms, a computer lab, and other rooms were added during remodeling. In 2009, there was a complete renovation with upgrades to the kitchen, heating and air systems, technology, and more. Further renovations in 2010 included a CAD lab, restroom upgrades, and improvements to the auditorium and gym.

The school grounds include tennis courts, sports fields, outdoor classrooms, and parking. Indian Hills offers a strong curriculum with basic and elective programs. The staff and administration regularly review the curriculum to provide the best education. With support from parents and students, the school plans to continue this tradition.